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Breaking Free

Posted On : March 21 2021

Writer : Mrinalini Pandey

On the occasion of World Poetry Day lets celebrate the power of poetry with a budding poet Mrinalini Pandey!        


I once found a harrowing darkness surmounting me,
I felt trapped and hoped that someone would hear my plea,
I felt  caged in a dark and dangerous dungeon,
In absolute fear and desolation my heart was sunken,
It was hard  to escape and there wasn’t any ray of hope,
It was a place from where breaking free wasn’t a scope,
But as I got back on my feet and reckoned to flee,
I realised that every lock is incomplete without its key.

About Mrinalini Pandey: She has done her Masters in History from MLB College in Bhopal. She is currently working as a Consulting Editor at Manjul Publishing House, and is currently researching on Indian Sculptures and their iconography. She has presented one of her papers at Cambridge and is an aspiring artist.

 Thanks Mrinalini, love your enthusiasm for poetry, do keep writing for us!

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