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‘Inspiration for my characters comes from people I meet or hear about in everyday life.  Each of them is relatable to readers in some way. In a way I feel like I've known some of my characters for years because many of them are specific parts of my own personality’ Rick

A shout out to all those who love reading sci-fi, and about the paranormal and aliens, Bookaholicanonymous has just the author and books for you. We are extremely delighted to introduce a popular author from the US - Rick Pipito

He has written books for kids as well!

About Rick Pipito: Rick Pipito is the award winning author of over 25 published works.  His Eternal Hunger Saga series earned him a place in top 25 and 100 lists.  Born in 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he learned various musical instruments and played, wrote and sang in original bands over a span of fifteen years.  While he occasionally still plays a random show, his focus is solely on his book writing career, his two children, and assisting his wife (Roberta of Homemade Delish) in her culinary adventures, and hosting the YouTube web series #thinksipwrite.

In 2010 Rick teamed up with his brother, artist Dan Pipito, and formed a little company called ‘sCrypt Comics.’  Their efforts of working with other artists were a success.  When Rick’s novels started becoming noticed they redirected their idea into sCrypt Publishing.  While Rick writes, Dan provides most of the cover art for the novels and books.  The sCrypt team consists of 6 main people in various positions of editing, critique, and advertising. 

The Interview:

You have won an award; it was for which book or work? Tell us a little about the award.

My novel ‘Souls 4 Supper’ earned me a placing in the top 25 lists, but it was my first children's book A Little Girl in the land of hiccups’ that really gained traction.  I won the ‘Writing for Youth’ award from it, which put my name out there in different ways.  Most recently Philly Current Magazine chose me as their ‘Most Versatile Local Author’ for their PC Picks issue in 2017.

Yours world is really a world full of fantasy, it has horror, it has supernatural, it has sci-fi...when did you know you wanted to write in these genres?

I know that I didn't want to get typecast into one genre.  My influences come from many different angles.  I started with horror because it is taken less seriously than the others.  It had been a long time since I'd seen something original in that genre, and I wanted it to be believable.  When I was coming close to closing out my horror trilogy, I started getting reader emails telling me how much they loved the characters and where I was going to take them next.  I like to have all my books exist in the same reality, so making the transition to science fiction, thriller, and more was actually a simple task.  The hardest part of it all is that I like to ground it.  I'm fascinated with history and the mysteries of the world, so you can see that as an underlying theme in my works.

And then you have children's fiction? That's the other end of the spectrum. Your take

I am a huge fan of L. Frank Baum's ‘Oz,’ and Lewis Carroll's ‘Alice in Wonderland.’  I began reading these to my wife's belly when she was pregnant with my daughter.  Now it's a decade later, and my little girl loves them as much as I do.  As an author, I wanted her to have a special book written just for her.  I had no idea it would be so widely accepted.  Then my son came along a year and a half after her, and being an avid reader of Marvel and DC comics when I was younger, I had the same thought with him.  I just think it's important for kids to read and expand their minds that way, instead of the alternatives.

How do you develop your characters? They are not normal, right, from the point of view of us mortals?

Lol.  No.  Nothing about my characters is normal.  That isn't to say that the characters themselves aren't every day people, but the things they go through... well I really put them to the test.  I'm sure if I met my characters in person, they'd be torn between hating and loving me.  Inspiration for them comes from people I meet or hear about in everyday life.  Each of them is relatable to the readers in some way, so that when I do put them through something horrible it takes that emotional attachment and really plays with it.  In a way I feel like I've known some of my characters for years because many of them are specific parts of my own personality.

When you started writing in these genres, did you know that you'll get such a huge fan following? 

I actually wrote my first novel without an editor.  It is one of my biggest regrets, because my writing has advanced since then, but it didn't stop the feedback.  I began getting emails about three months after ‘Flesh and Leftovers’ was published.  People were saying the nicest things, and it just took me by surprise.  When I saw how much positive attention it gained, I decided to really push myself to do more.  Writing's never been a hard task for me, but now that I had people reading it, I wanted to learn from my mistakes.  You can notice that with each new release.  I'm always open to receiving letters or email from readers and peers.  It never ceases to surprise, teach, and warm me.

Have you experienced anything supernatural yourself?

It's funny you ask that.  I've had a few experiences, but one directly involved with writing.  I was inspired to write my first and fourth novels while visiting Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.  My aunt and uncle have a bed and breakfast up there, and there is a lot of history and lore in the town.  I've had a few experiences at the same time each year (I won't say the time because it's the title of an upcoming thriller I'm working on).  One specific was when my daughter was only two months old; she was staring into the corner of the room smiling.  She always slept well and it was past her bedtime, so to me this was strange.  I got up and went over to the corner, and out of nowhere the hair on the back of my neck stood on end.  It was much colder there than the rest of the room, but for no logical reason.  Later than night I walked down the stairs to use the restroom.  It was extremely late, so I was surprised when I heard voices and saw shadows of people moving.  When I came to the bottom of the stairs, there was no one there.  Walking to the end of the hallway, I did what I had to do, and then upon returning I noticed that one of the doors that always stayed open was closed.  I thought someone went in the laundry room, so I knocked and when no one answered I opened the door.  I stood frozen for I don't know how long just terrified with this feeling I had.  Something was there, but I can't explain what.  There have been other instances too, but I could write a book on them all alone.

Which book was your first bestseller?

‘Souls 4 Supper’ and ‘Devil’s Dessert’ really took off around the same time.  Since then, ‘Techno Feast’ did really well, and ‘Planet Ate’ was the most recent.  Here's to hoping the trend continues.

Tell us something about sCrypt Publishing? Do you publish other people's works? What services do you provide?

sCrypt publishing started with just my brother and I.  He does most of the art for my covers.  We wanted to get other people involved to help get local artists' names out there via graphic spinoffs of my novels.  It worked really well, but became too time consuming for him and I to pursue without taking a toll on our own projects.  Now we offer consulting and editing services for authors or people trying to become authors.  Even if an agreement is never made between us as the publisher, and the talent involved we do what we can to at least share their info to others via social media (unless they are just not nice people, but that hasn't been the case so far). 

Tell us about some compliments that you have received for your books from your fans?

It's funny because I get quite a few compliments, but getting people to review the novels on amazon or lulu is a tough task.  My favorite compliment through a review was being told that I ‘approach each novel with such class,’ that I ‘respect everyone's beliefs, but don't necessarily play into being politically correct.’  The reviews go on to say some great things about each book themselves, but I think the comments just mentioned really took to me.  I do believe that it is difficult to say things in today's society.  Everyone is so sensitive about everything, and I worry I'm going to offend, but part of me is always saying the opposite.  I do my best to balance it all without spreading my own rhetoric or political stances.  Reading is an escape.  People don't want that kind of thing if they are reading or watching a show.  For a reader to tell me that I respect beliefs and approach with class tells me I'm doing something right.

Your ‘Eternal Hunger Saga’ series was in the top 25 and 100 lists. Which lists? Tell us something about the series.

The ‘Eternal Hunger Saga’ consists of 12 novels and 12 spinoff short stories, some of which is still in progress.  It ties many historical events and places into the overall plot.  Each installment is a new topic entirely, but the surviving characters live on for the next adventure.  It is written in three trilogies.  The first deals with Zombies, vampires and werewolves and a search for the Garden of Eden.  Then it moves on to the next trilogy for ghosts, demons, and technology and includes ‘Pandora's Box’ and the ‘Lost city of Atlantis’.  Books 7-9 deal with the history of the human race with conspiracies, genetic manipulation, and alien life.  Finally, time travel is represented in the last trilogy with one story involving saving the future, the next saving one man's present condition, and the third how someone has played a key role in starting most of the key wars throughout history.  It's a wide range of topics, but all using evidence and researched fact to do so, just with that added fictional element generously sprinkled throughout.

What can we expect from you next? What are you working on? 

My next book is called ‘The Thirst of Cain’.  It will be released later this Spring, and tells the story of a man who is cursed with a disease that dates back to the time of Cain and Abel, but to figure out how he can prevent the spread of it further, he must look into cover ups by the CIA in the 1960s, the debut of wineries in ancient Spain, Stonehenge's true purpose, and the rise of King Arthur to his throne.  I'm also working on a follow up to that called ‘Consumed by War’ as well as two short stories: ‘The Lost Day’ and ‘The Lost Year’ - all to be released this year.

Bookaholicanonymous wishes Rick success in all his future ventures. Here’s to hearing more from you Rick!

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