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In an exclusive interview with Bookaholicanonymous Kevin Missal talks about his books, his inspiration and his writing


Kevin Missal is a 21 year old graduate from St. Stephen’s College, who has written four novels till now ranging from crime to mythology to horror. He had written his first book at the age of 14, which was released by the Chief Minister of Delhi. His second book was written at the age of 16 and was published by a British indie-press. He is a pioneer in writing the World’s First InstaRead and is a bestseller on Amazon under horror category. He is also the co-owner and co-founder of Kalamos Literary Services, which publishes and promotes fledgling writers to make a mark in the literary industry. He currently lives in Delhi.


Kevin’s latest book ‘Kalki’ has sold 6,000 copies since its release in October this year!


How many books have you written?


I have written four books till now


Of the four which is your favourite?  


Well, it would be Kalki, of course. The trilogy is such escapism from reality. 


Who or what is your inspiration?


My inspirations are Rick Riordan and Brandon Sanderson. 


How does it feel to be one of the youngest bestselling authors?


I feel I need to work harder each day to become better and sell more books than I have sold yesterday. 


Other than writing what do you do?


I read. I watch a lot of Netflix (partially for inspiration). 


How long do you take to finish a novel? How many hours do you devote to writing?


I take a month (max) to finish a novel. I devote almost 10 hours a day when I'm on a writing spree. 


Do you get a writer's block? What is your advice in such a situation?


I would suggest whenever you get a writer's block, just read a lot of books to get inspiration. Even bad books, as they help you realise you can write much better.  


What is the most important aspect that you keep in mind while writing?


The most important aspect will be to not forget the theme you are writing on. If it's about bravery then your story should talk about this theme in every second page. Also, make sure it's entertaining. One of the biggest sins you can do in writing is being dull. 


Tell us a little about your latest book? And how many copies have been sold so far?


We have sold more 6,000 copies now and some of them are in the market. A big publisher is buying the series now to launch it on a bigger platform.  


What next?


Planning to write Kalki's second part on Vaman and Narsimha avatars. I want to write about those avatars that have not been explored well so far. 

Bookaholicanonymous wishes Kevin all the best for all his future endeavours! 

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