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“For me it’s everyday life that gets in the way of my writing. I get frustrated, but never give up”-Sarah Stein

In an exclusive interview with Bookaholicanonymous, US based author Sarah Stein tells us about her writing journey so far!

Sarah Stein has always been an avid reader of romance, paranormal, and erotica. Her love for books at an early age is what caused her to dabble in writing. She’s always had a passion for literature and creating stories from nothing. Today, she is a multi-published romance and erotica author. Her writing career began February 2016 with her first novella, ‘Hearten Christmas.’ Since then she’s written other works in different genres.
She’s from south Louisiana but resides in south Texas with her husband of many years, two children, a German shepherd, and Dachshund. When she isn’t spending quality time with them, she’s reading, writing or researching for her latest book.

Under which genre do your books fall?

Mainly Romance. Though, I have recently written in other genres such as paranormal, and suspense.

What made you start writing? You started writing in 2016, right?

I started writing in 2016 because it was a need not a want. My characters voices needed to be heard.

You write for which age group?

I write for anyone 18 and up.

How many published work do you have as of now?

So far, I have five published works with three in editing getting ready to be published.

Which are your future projects?

I have way too many future projects. Lol…I’m working on my story ‘Only One Wish’ during NaNoWriMo as well as the third book of ‘The White Stealth Clan’ series while the second one is in editing. I’m also part of six anthologies scheduled for 2018 and 2019, but the details aren’t solid yet.

Which of your novel/novels have been liked the most?

I think ‘Her Will’ has been liked the most.

Which is your favourite character from your novels? Why?

Wow, my favourite character thus far has to be Jolene from the novel ‘Her Will’. I love her strength, and how she can bring Delray to his knees.

What is the one factor that a writer should keep in mind always?

It’s hard work promoting, but don’t give up.

What do you think contemporary readers want?

I’m not entirely sure. I guess to connect with the story in the now. 

Tell us about your writing process? How do you create a character?

I start by drafting a list of possible names, and that ones that pop on the page are usually my main characters, and then I draft their features as well as their occupations. All of this is on paper. I don’t transfer any of my outlines to the computer.

What advice would you give to budding writers?

It’s a hard market. There are tons of books in the genre you’re writing in, BUT it would never be what you’ve written so don’t feel distraught, and continue writing that amazing story that’s dying to escape.

Why do you think writers get writer’s block? What can be done about it?

For me it’s everyday life that gets in the way of my writing. My mind is cluttered with so many things such as kids, bills, what to cook, etc. When I actually sit down to write, sometimes the words just won’t come out. I get frustrated, but never give up.

Bookaholicanonymous wishes Sarah Stein all the best for all her future writing endeavuors! 

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