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I consider, a girl who re-connected to her ‘will to live’ after an accident and being in coma after she read my ‘The Stranger Trilogy. And a girl re-connecting with her estranged father after reading ‘How About A Sin Tonight?’ as the biggest complements to my books- Novoneel

In an exclusive interview with Bookaholicanonymous Novoneel reveals tips on how to become a best-selling author. His latest book ‘Forever Is True’ released yesterday in Bengaluru.

Novoneel Chakraborty is a best-selling fiction writer. His specialty lies in romantic thrillers that he writes along with philosophy mixed with it. His first book ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ released in 2008 and won the national bestseller tag in just a few months of its release. He followed it up with ‘That Kiss in the Rain’ and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, ‘How About A Sin Tonight?’ He went on to write commercial bestsellers like ‘Ex’ and then ‘The Stranger Trilogy’. His ‘Black Suits You’ is a psycho-sexual thriller which released in November 2016. His next book, also a dark romantic thriller was titled ‘Forever Is A Lie’ released in 2017, August. The sequel of this book and book 2 of the Forever Series titled ‘Forever Is True’ is released yesterday in Bengaluru. Apart from writing books, he is a scriptwriter for television.

What can we expect from 'Forever Is True', released yesterday, the concluding part of the Forever Series (a two book series), of which the first part is 'Forever Is A Lie'?   

Well, I've tried to maintain my signature style which includes thrill, life lessons and of course twists while penning ‘Forever Is True’. While the first book in the series ‘Forever Is A Lie’ is about these two characters, Prisha and Saveer, coming together, the concluding part is about the what makes it an impossible dark romance. It will take the readers to the bottom of the mystery adding layers to the already existing protagonists. 

If one reads the rave reviews of your books by your readers, on online platforms, one can make out they are all young, how do you know what they want to read?

The young ones write the reviews while the not-so-young try and connect to me via emails etc. Over years I've realised my target readership is roughly from 16 to 40. Hence, I never try to second guess what they would like to read and then write accordingly. I go with my  excitement towards a story and how I think the story would be best told keeping alive not only signature style but also a reader's engagement. Having said that I also interact with a lot of readers which helps me remain connected to the pulse of a youngster's mind.

We are a little curious about the genre you write. How would you describe it? How did it develop?

For long I've been saying I write in the romantic thriller genre but then of late I realised I'm one of those rare examples of 'anti-genre' author whose whose work can't be contained within the definition of one single genre. It's a mix. My books have thrill, love, sex, relationship ordeals, murders even so I don't try to define it anymore. I never developed it consciously. From my first book ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ the genre became an eventuality. Perhaps thriller is how my creative voice sounds like when expressed. As long as readers accept it I'm okay.

Tell us if someone wants to start writing, how does one build the characters like you do?

The first thumb rule of creativity is never to ape anyone. Creative expression is so much about one's own personality, the way one perceives and interprets things. And that adds to the overall exclusivity of the work. In one line if I have to say how to develop interesting characters is by asking the right questions to them. 

Which of characters that you have created is your favourite? Across all your books?

I've had a ball writing about the character Nishani Rai from my book ‘How About A Sin Tonight?’ I literally obsessed about her while writing as well after I finished writing the book. That experience till date has been unparalleled. Maybe because I didn't have a real life reference point for her. Whatever she is in the book is from my figment of imagination.

Are you a voracious reader? What or whom do you read?

I'm a choosy reader. I love to read new voices, translated Indian regional works and whichever book's blurb excites me. I never go by the hype. In fact if I see a book is in hype I choose to read it much later. Right now I'm reading ‘The Mountain Between Us’ by Charles Martin. One genre which I avoid reading is romance unless it's a really quirky one or has something which I haven't come across before.

You are screenplay writer as well, which shows are you writing presently?

Till early this year I was writing television actively but since then I'm on a self chosen break from it. I've no idea when I will be writing television again, if at all.

Are you planning to take a break after the launch of 'Forever Is True', before being engrossed in your next book?

I wish. But as a professional commercial writer it's important to keep churning one story after anther without compromising on the content. It's a tough job but one had to do what one has to do. And since I love the process it doesn't feel that much of a burden either. 

Now that the series is over, what now? We are curious to know.

The next one, as of now, should be a short story collection of nine emotionally bold and twisted tales about infidelity in modern times. 

Tell us one great review you've received of your books. And the biggest complement you've received.

I rarely take reviews seriously: positive or negative. But there are incidents which I think easily are my top compliments. A girl connecting to her will to live after an accident and being in coma after reading The Stranger Trilogy of mine. While a girl re-connecting with her estranged father after reading ‘How About a Sin Tonight?’

Bookaholicanonymous wishes Nononeel a bigger and brighter success in the future! Hope the book ‘Forever Is True’ that released yesterday in Bengaluru is as well received as his earlier books.

More about Novoneel…

The success of his debut novel only helped him in being motivated and to follow it up with more novels. Today, he is a full-time writer and scriptwriter, living in Mumbai. Screenwriting came naturally to him.

His body of work…


● A thing Beyond Forever (September 2008)

● That Kiss in the Rain (November 2009)

● How About a Sin Tonight? (May 2012)

● Ex...A twisted love story (October 2013)

The Stranger Trilogy:

1) Marry me, Stranger (November 2014)

2) All yours, Stranger (July 2015)

3) Forget me not, Stranger (April 2016)

● Back Suits You (November 2016)

● Forever Series:

1) Forever Is a Lie (August 2017)

2) Forever Is True (October 2017)


● Million Dollar Girl (Channel V)

● Twist Waala Love (Channel V)

● Secret Diaries (Channel V)

● Pyaar Tuney Kya Kiya (Zing TV)

● Savdhaan India (Life OK)

● Mann Mein Vishwas Hai (Sony)

● Yeh Hai Aashqui (Bindass)

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