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‘I can see the merits of having an ebook. Once you are done, set up your rights and pricing and you are ready to publish! If your book meets their basic standards, it would be out in the international market within 24-72 hours’ Sinchita Ganguly

In an exclusive interview with Bookaholicanonymous, first time author Sinchita Ganguly tells us about her journey so far! She has published with Amazon. It's an ebook but a paperback copy is available as well in many international markets. She has received outstanding response for her book so far!

Sinchita Ganguly is an independent study abroad consultant by profession, a homemaker, and the mother of an extremely naughty but angelic 5.5-year-old! Books have always been her best friends but she never thought she would write one someday. Perceived quite rightly as a workaholic, she spent 15 years in very diverse roles across the ITES and education sectors. She loved every position she held and there were no dearth of opportunities and rewards but by 2015 she realized she had had enough! Sinchita left a full-time leadership career in search of something elusive – time for herself and her family, entrepreneurial dreams, and that perfect balance between life and career (which often seem mutually exclusive in these times). It was a risk but it paid off! Writing happened quite unexpectedly! She just had an idea that she started to pen down without really knowing where she was headed. A few stories she had witnessed firsthand, a few brave people whose struggles had touched her, were her inspirations. And before she knew, it was looking like a book! After this, she couldn’t stop writing! Writing gives her an altogether new medium to explore very different and refreshing things. Sinchita is striving to live the best of both worlds. Hopefully, someday, she hopes she will be able to call herself a successful entrepreneur and authorpreneur!

Tell us something about your debut novel 'Bring me through the night'?


'Bring Me Through the Night' is an adult romance woven around a complex psychological theme. It narrates the protagonists' journey of intense love, pain and healing where they help each through the darkest phases of their lives. This topic - PTSD - has not been explored much by Indian authors. I took it up mainly because of my deep interest in human psychology and offbeat stories. I also wanted to convey the experiences of a certain section of people whose problems are very real but are often ignored by the society including their own families. 


How has been the response so far?

It is just about a month that I have released the book. Honestly, I started out with zero expectations and took it mainly as a learning experience. I was banking on my friends and acquaintances for readership, but surprisingly, I have found readers among the general audience too!  I have some sales in US and Australia as well. And all this is without any promotion or marketing - so I couldn't have asked for more for my first book!


It's an ebook right? You have published with Amazon?

Yes, I have published with Amazon. It's an ebook but a paperback copy is available as well in many international markets. Unfortunately, this facility is not available on Amazon India right now. So, if someone in India wants a paperback copy, they have to import it :-) Amazon is working on this aspect though and hopefully the paperback facility would be available soon on Amazon India as well.

What is the process for this?

The process is extremely simple and self-explanatory once you create a Kindle Direct Publishing account. Write your book, edit it, design your cover and upload it on the portal. You can go for any format - ebook or paperback or both. There are separate instructions for these. You can get an ISBN for your paperbacks from Amazon as well or use your own ISBN if you have one. Once you are done, set up your rights and pricing and you are ready to publish! If your book meets their basic standards, it would be out in the international market within 24-72 hours.

Which according to you is better ebook or a book that you can hold in your hands?

Have to be honest here! If I have a choice, it would still be paperback. The fact that Amazon India doesn't have that option yet was a bit disappointing to me but I can see the merits of having an ebook now. So, will be patient until the feature is made available.

Don't you feel you have restricted the reach of your book by choosing ebook format?

As I said, both formats are available though not in India right now. In fact, the e-book's reach is wider than the paperback that way because Amazon has these amazing platforms for authors who publish through them like Kindle Unlimited and KDP Select. Subscribers across the world get to read for free. Therefore, they easily invest in new authors and authors earn royalty too. So it works well for both readers and writers! 

Do you plan to publish it through a publishing house as well?

No, right now, I am not planning to go the trad pub way. I spoke to quite a few authors before choosing Amazon. There was a common sense of discontent among the trad pub group while indie authors, especially those who publish on Amazon, were happy. Therefore, I chose Amazon right away and will stick to it now. It gives me more control over my work and whether I fail or succeed, I own the results.

What next?

Next is again an adult romance that explores complex themes of spiritual passion, idiosyncrasies of the human mind, and concepts of sin and salvation. It's an ambitious project that spans 32 years in the lives of the protagonists (an artist and his muse), their friendship, love, betrayal, and redemption. I'm in the middle of editing it now - which by the way is a tougher job than writing and I believe I'm wiser after my first book :-) Then, the third story idea is also ready. The best thing about Amazon is the more you write, the more you are read! So, am ready to take the plunge headlong!

Bookaholicanonymous wishes Sinchita Ganguly a very successful writing career ahead!

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