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Hi! I am Smita and this is my books and reading blog, Bookaholicanonymous. In support of an addiction that is actually cool!

You may wonder why I am starting another blog related to books and reading, when there are thousands of others on the Internet. Well, for one, I am a self declared bookaholic, and secondly, I wanted to feel connected with books in a more profound and visible way. Let me explain.

I have been reading books since my childhood. My interest in reading and writing led me to become a media person soon after post-graduation. Then I joined a publishing house as an editor. My dream came true! I was surrounded with books here, met up with popular and eminent authors, was involved in the life cycle of creating a book, and launched the books I edited. It was everything I ever wanted to do! Eventually, I decided to leave the publishing house and join a travel magazine because I was getting an opportunity to travel. During my initial days with the magazine, I felt very much like a fish out of water. However, what do you know - soon enough, I managed to create a books corner in the magazine that carried a book review, a top ten reading list for the month, and a short Q&A with authors. My Editor-in-Chief began addressing me as the ‘Books Editor,’ which I loved. She would send me all the books that came for review and I was given the freedom to choose the ones I wanted to review and also the ones I wanted my team to review. I was the first person to be sent for book launches and meets with authors. Again, I was connected with my passion. Everything was going fine until one day a little angel decided to enter my life in the form of my daughter Boond. I chose to give up my full-time job and nurture her. She is five and a half years now and needs a little less of me since she has started school. My husband’s frequent postings also do not leave me with the option of taking up a full-time job anytime soon. That got me thinking, and this blog is a result of this thought process.

I believe this blog will help me get back in touch with my passion - reading and books. In this blog, you will find anything and everything related to books like book reviews, guest book reviewers, tips for reading, book quotes, author profiles, classics revisited, must read lists, children’s literature, and products for the world of readers and books. The coverage list can go on… it is limitless…If there is anything out there to do with books, you will find it here!

However, as I will be managing my blog, it will mostly speak about my choices in books and authors but I do not want to restrict it to that. I am open to anybody who wants to discuss and review books of their choice and genres, serious writing, light writing, humorous writing, health & wellness writing, teenage & children’s writing, biographies, and autobiographies – basically, anything and everything is welcome here. I especially invite young and budding writers to share their writing journey here.

Finally, why name the blog Bookaholicanonymous? Simply because I want to give fellow bookaholics a platform to connect and guide each other. Because it is a public platform, we will definitely not remain anonymous. (Do we want to remain anonymous? No!)

I am waiting to connect with readers and book lovers from all over the world. Let us revisit our passion for reading, make books our new app, and ensure that it never goes out of fashion.

Join me on this new journey!

So let us all say ‘Haan mein bookaholic hoon!’

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