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How To Write A Story Effectively

Author : Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Published By : Kindle Edition

Launched On : May 9, 2020

Price : 199


Released on May 9, 2020 amidst lockdown this book is a must-read. Every person has a story to tell but doesn't know how to write it. Well, here's your guide.

Storytelling, is an art not everybody is familiar with. The trick to writing good fiction that grabs the reader's attention lies in taking a simple story and presenting it extraordinarily.

'How To Write A Story Effectively' is particularly for new authors who wish to step into the delightful world of storytelling. The first in a series, this book talks about the dos & don’ts of writing, how to create characters, write dialogues, outline a story, hire a beta reader, and also, self-edit the manuscript.

Topics covered are how to outline a novel, how to write dialogues, how to frame characters, how to hire a beta-reader, writing mistakes to avoid, etc.

Written by a professional manuscript editor, the ‘How To Write A Story Effectively’ series will focus on every small and large aspect of storytelling including editing and promoting the book.

Go read it!