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A Letter to Santa

Posted On : December 25 2020

Writer : Sharmishtha Narayan Singh

What better day than today to publish a letter to Santa. Which child doesn’t want him to visit their home. Today Bookaholicanonymous introduces a 12-year-old budding poet. She is Sharmishtha Narayan Singh, who has been writing poems and articles for the school magazine as early as Grade II. Here are two of her poems. Smile away as you read them!




Dear St. Nick

I badly want a gift

this Christmas

Please surprise me with your wonders

I want a hamster that’s cute

But doesn’t eat my copies, books and shoes

I want a puppy who can be my bed mate

But I shouldn’t wake up with my pyjamas soggy and wet

I want a kitten that plays

And shouldn’t sleep 18 hours a day

I want a python farm

That doesn’t freak out my mom

I want the chilly and lonely moon

But that shouldn’t don’t make me cold

I want a cheetah who helps me get a medal in sports

But who doesn’t eat me up like roasted marshmallow

I want to have a koala bear and a sugar glider,

But they should not hold on to me with their grip so tight

I want a horse, please help

But I hope it doesn’t tear down the gift wrap

Dear Santa can you please lend me your reindeer

But I hope they don’t go mad in the climate here

Dear Santa I want a bird to wake me up

I want a cuckoo

But most importantly

I want you!




Didn’t you read my texts on Whatsapp

I forgive you for Facebook

Cuz that’s quite old school
It’s the Instagram evolution

Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn

Reddit, Snapchat and Pinterest

Nothing else is better than social media

I can proudly protest.

Dear Lord… I often wonder

Why don’t you have an account?

I surfed all the social media platforms

I fail to understand

What is your username?

I type all the names in the search engine

And am yet to find your account

You must have posted your exotic pictures

Posing with angels and cherubs

Munching on golden apples

Wearing delicate extravagant robes of the best quality of cashmere

Your jewellery of the gems not found on earth

Beaches with mojhito seas and white sandy beaches of powered silver dust

Dear God… now the file size has almost exceeded

So, I got to end my email here

My wish to you is please send me your account link

So, that I can say that god is my friend and flaunt it.


 About the poet: ‘A Text to God’ and ‘A Letter to Santa’ are free verse poems, the musings of Sharmishtha Narayan Singh, a student of DPS Indirapuram. A language enthusiast, Sharmishtha has been writing poems and articles for the school magazine as early as grade II. Her training in theatre from Barry John Studio has helped her voice concerns over pressing social issues through street plays in Delhi NCR. The, " Crooning glory" fills the home with music and guitar, and books have been her best buddies during lockdown.

Her inquisitive mind led her to wonder if God had a social media account, especially when everything around is online these days! "A letter to Santa "is doodling of a child's wishes into verse this Yuletide. Hope these poems offer you a slice of childhood and take you back in time.


Bookaholicanonymous wishes Sharmishtha a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Do keep writing and sending us your poems!

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