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Yes, it’s Possible

Posted On : December 10 2020

Writer : Advaya Deo Sinha

Bookaholicanonymous is thrilled to bits today to introduce you to an 8-year-old budding poet - Advaya Deo Sinha. When we first read the poem we couldn’t believe an 8-year-old could express himself so beautifully, and that to in two languages! He wrote this poem and the one in Hindi (the pics are included) for his school project. The topics given were, for English – “Yes, it’s possible” and in Hindi – “Haan Mumkin Hai”


The budding poet says: This poem is inspired from some of the books I have read and loved dearly. The characters I came across in these books stand for the theme “Yes, it’s possible”.


Yes, it’s Possible


Harry Potter said

“I am up to no good!”

But the magic he created

Made him the coolest dude!


Excuses and lies of Tom Gates

Were impossible to handle

But his doodling and music

Made him so lovable


Matilda was very scared of

Miss Trunchbull’s terror

But when she believed in herself

Which changed her forever


Ruskin Bond’s Rusty was lonely

But his life never got boring

His love and friendship show

We should never stop exploring


Malala braved bullet

All for a noble cause

Her courage got her the Peace Prize

Which made us salute and pause.


Gandhiji got us freedom

He is called Father of the Nation,

With strength of his non-violence

He is hero of every generation


Yes, it’s possible to turn bads to good

Yes it’s possible to make good better

Yes it’s possible to make better the best.

Yes it’s possible to make impossible also possible!


Advaya, Bookaholicanonymous is proud of you. Do keep penning your thoughts like this! We will be happy to publish them.


About the budding poet: Advaya Deo Sinha is a curious and restless 8-year-old-boy! Books and wildlife are his first love. Tigers and their wild universe excite Advaya so much that his clothes to birthday cakes reflect his love for tigers. Wildlife documentaries and animal encyclopaedias fill his book shelves. Harry Potter and Tom Gates are his favourite series though these days he is also discovering mythological and historical characters through Amar Chitra Katha comics! He wants to stop wars when he grows up and he thinks following ‘Tell me whys’ of science and Gandhiji’s principles are the right ways to achieve this goal!

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