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Summer Reminisce

Posted On : December 03 2020

Writer : Anjali Raghave

Today Bookaholicanonymous introduces a budding poet, she is Anjali Raghave. This 16-year-old class 11th student has been writing poems from a very young age. This particular poem was published in her school newsletter this year.


Summer Reminisce

Summers under the vast tree
on its branches the birds would sing
Hand fan close by
on a continuous swing.

The charpoy was heaven
blew the warm breeze
  rustling of leaves
The gurgling nearby stream.

Cold water from mud pots
nothing less than holy water
Distant shouts of the village kids
playing in the sweltering heat.

Squinting at the burning sun
as sweat beaded my face
then chuckling at the buffaloes
the mud at a wallowing pace.

By the stream
Catching fish
In and out of the pool
keeping an eye on the spool.

Melting tar
Mirrors the image
Thirsty ‘Kawars’
Soul pilgrimage.


Keep it up Anjali, do keep writing and contributing to Bookaholicanonymous, it will be our privilege to publish your poems!

 About the poet: Anjali enjoys writing, as it is a medium for her expressions, regarding all that goes on in her mind. She loves to learn; explore places, food, music and appreciates good company. 

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