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Realisations in the times of Corona virus

Posted On : August 07 2020

Writer : Rita Chhablani

The world is going through unprecedented difficult times due to Corona virus pandemic. Everyone is dealing with it in their own way. For many it has been a time for introspection and so it was for author Rita Chhablani. She writes exclusively for Bookaholicanonymous on the realisations that she encountered while dealing with this quarantine/lockdown time.                                            


Realisations in the times of Corona virus


In this super speed, fast food, restaurants pouring over with snaking queues, gyms, fancy malls, man had it or thought he had it all, had achieved it all. The human race had almost started feeling invincible, crazed with power.

Till this pesky tiny virus, suddenly appeared from nowhere and shook up the entire world, had it trembling with panic and halted it in its track. It virtually brought everything to a standstill, with the economy almost to a point of collapse.

Fuelled by the social media and the bombardment of WhatsApp messages, by overnight doctors, without any medical degrees, fear being a basic primeval instinct of man, it soon developed into a mass hysteria, almost manic panic, paranoia in the air.

Soon it became a jamboree with people scrambling to grocery stores, hoarding as if there was no tomorrow, at chemists, who eventually did not run out of essential medicines, but out of sanitizers and face masks and of course, the unscrupulous ones making hay in this mayhem, while the panic sun was shining bright.

Being a trained yoga teacher of The Yoga Institute, I decided that enough was enough. I was not buying into this panic, it was not mine, and I had to conquer it. It was a wakeup call.

But how? So began a journey of reflection and introspection.  It led to a realisation that this self-quarantine period has given us the leisure time, the much needed ‘me time,’ to calm down. It is the time to take a pause, as my son says.  

Meditate - pat came the answer. Besides strengthening and cleansing the mind, it also ups the immune system. As I went deeper into this journey within, came another realisation. A voice whispered in my ear. Maybe nature is at work to bring about the much-needed balance humans have continuously and consistently been destroying. I was awed.

A tweaking of diet needs to be done. Sattvic home food, with restaurant binging out. It was bonding time with family, cook together, reading, cultivation of some new hobbies, Yoga of course, the stretches, the lovely Shavasana. Good sleep.

Doing the powerful practice of Nishpanda Bhava by closing your eyes and passively observing the passing sounds as they come and fade away without dwelling on any sound is the best I discovered. If there are no sounds, then you focus on some light instrumental music or ticking of a clock. Just be a witness.

By collectively raising our vibrations, we will be in sync with Nature.  This is the lesson, I thought. So now once and when Corona takes a bow, hopefully it will leave some of us finer balanced human beings. 

Yada yada hi Dharmasya glanir bhavti bharata…the famous lines from the holy book The Bhagwad Gita came to my mind when I was doing some yoga stretches. It has been happening since yugas, this balancing out by nature and will keep happening, whenever the world goes out of control and needs course correction. Whew!

I hope we learn and live a life in tune with nature. Respect it. Get Rid of Hatred. Increase the Love Quotient. Act with More Kindness. Delete Discrimination. Step Up the Compassion.

We the citizens of the Earth have to now understand that we are all one and we can all use this phase to - Come together.  Laugh Together. Be Together.  

No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.  Isn’t that being proved right again and again? Each one is being cared for and supported by the other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

We are the World.

About Rita Chhablani: She alternates her time between India and Chicago. Rita has written lead articles for reputed Indian and International newspapers. A popular yoga teacher, she went on to author her first book The Joys of Yoga. At the College of Dupage, Chicago while doing creative writing courses, she and her American author friends founded a highly active all women critique group. She is also a dedicated member of a writers group in Pune. Having worked for UNICEF, the cause of education for girls is very dear to her heart. She devotes a lot of time in teaching English to girls from less privileged households.

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