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Precious Moments Floating By…

Posted On : May 31 2020

Writer : Somik Dasgupta

The quarantine has brought out the hidden or forgotten talents of many, here is one such example. Today Bookaholicanonymous brings to you a heart-warming poem written by Somik Dasgupta. He is currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. His spouse and eight month old son are in Kolkata and are unable to fly back to him due to the lockdown. But Somik says the ongoing pandemic isolation has enabled him to rekindle his poetic flame, along with having made a promise to himself to be more regular and dedicated with his writing. Silver lining for him for sure.

About this poem he says: “I simple try to jot down my feelings and observations from life and experiences in the form of poetry. This too is one such example, wherein I have tried voice my feelings of being forcibly separated from my infant son for such a long time. I am sure; this feeling resonates with numerous others in some form or the other.”


Precious Moments Floating By…

Every morning, it’s now a novel rush!

A dash to get ready for the day, post some exercise and the morning prayer,

Finally, with the cup in hand, the tabloid folded back, it’s time for the moment I truly care!

The monotonous ring chimes in, the visual slowly coming in focus as I take the chair…

And there it is! My baby boy’s morning smile and giggle…

The small eyes, the cute cheeks - all so minute, yet so debonair!


The giggles grow more intense, as he crawls ahead, coming close,

I try to converse in baby lingo, trying to simulate a natural presence and facial pose!

He finally grabs the phone…probably his attempt at a physical touch, maybe my nose.

Or so I like to believe - perhaps my own attempt to some intimacy, my daily dose!


This exchange recurs as much as possible throughout the day,

The sounds vary, his expressions and mood does sway!

This routine is maintained dutifully, making sure that we never sway,

With all the restrictions, ongoing lockdowns…this method is sadly the only way!


I watched him learn to roll, to slowly crawl – through a screen!

I listened to the first sounds, the initial attempt to speak – again, through a screen!

I witnessed him sitting upright, playing with the toys – through the same old screen!

He learned to identify faces, laugh and wiggle his entire frame – all through the same old screen!


I reminisce of the moment when I first held him,

I smile on the memory of the first scent, the midnight whim!

I binge through the old videos – the cries, the faces and his first hymn.

It’s not been that long to call it nostalgia, but certainly a close synonym.


He’s now glaring through seven months, about to hit the eighth soon,

I am, however, wedged miles afar….between us the sea, sand and dunes!

It’s not the distance, but the rather uncertainty of time…

The ambiguity of “when” and “how long”…

How long do I keep missing these moments so prime!


It’s for the greater good – beside his mother, with our family he’s safe and sound!

Or would it have been better here, risking an earlier travel – conflicting thoughts that go round and round…


Being a new father, an anxious one…the yearn to be present may be profound!

At least, through technology, I get the virtual presence…if not the same ground!


Somik your poem will resonate with many we are sure, and we at Bookaholicanonymous wish that you reunite with your family very soon!


About Somik Dasgupta: He is an Oil & Gas professional currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE with a zest for poetry and prose who originally hails from Kolkata, India. His knack for writing poems and blogs was at its peak during his undergraduate days at Jadavpur University. He has published his work in Vedanta Kesari and Reader’s Digest earlier. As always, his professional pursuit took over his first passion. But he promises to be more regular now in penning down his thoughts.

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