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‘The Stranger Trilogy’ created me in many ways!

Posted On : November 17 2018

Writer : Novoneel Chakraborty

On, November 15, #MarryMeStranger completed 4 years!! This book (and #TheStrangerTrilogy) were to prove a turning point in Novoneel Chakraborty’s writing career.  Novoneel writes exclusively for Bookaholicanonymous on how the trilogy gave him so much more than he had expected. And he promises…‘I swear Mini and her Stranger WILL BE BACK !! Wait for a little more time. In the stranger’s words: Do not underestimate the power of patience.’ …We for sure can’t wait!

About Novoneel Chakraborty: Not for nothing Novoneel Chakraborty is known as India’s most popular thriller writer. His novels have an irresistible mix of romance, thrill and philosophy, the kind which only he writes in India.

 ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ created me in many ways!

 They say every creative person has that one creation which alters his life. For me that’s ‘The Stranger Trilogy’. I still remember the day (2013) the title (Marry Me, Stranger) struck me without any story. I thought a book with that name would be interesting. Then the story happened to me and I knew it couldn’t be contained in one book. And thus the trilogy was born. At a time when nobody had attempted a continuation thriller series in the Indian commercial fiction space, it was quite an ambitious and risky project. But thanks to my publisher, Milee Ashwarya, (Penguin Random House), for all the belief and support because of which I could tell my story, my way. 

I remember the night when my phone friend from Gurugram called me up telling me the intimate details of how her life was going down the drain. And I kept wondering why would anyone share all this with someone who is a…stranger to her. That one line eventually became a three-book series.

I’m truly amazed by the way the story and the characters have grasped people. Not only youngsters but I have signed the book for middle aged women and also a 67 year old lady who told me she enjoyed a thriller after long. The phrase ‘Know Your Worth’ simply caught on with whoever read the series. When an author conceives and decides to go ahead with a story, he/she does so (at least I do) because of a strong conviction in the story. And when that conviction is rewarded in the form of readers’ acceptance, it’s a different kind of high.

I can safely say I wrote ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ but it created me in many ways. And I would hereby take this opportunity to tell all the readers and lovers of The Stranger Trilogy that Mini will be back with her stranger in Book 4 as well as on screen in the form of a web series produced by Applause Entertainment and Goldie Behl (Rose Movies). Very soon!

Can’t thank you enough Novoneel, for writing this piece exclusively for Bookaholicanonymous. Thank you once again!  Here’s wishing you many more successes!


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