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“Just write your story” Shweta Brijpuria

Posted On : September 02 2018

Writer : Shweta Brijpuria

Aspiring authors take note; Shweta Brijpuria tells Bookaholicanonymous what it takes to become an author! Thank you so much for the insight Shweta.

“Just write your story” Shweta Brijpuria

I always believe that anyone can become an Author. Life is a story and everyone has a perspective to it, whether you want to pen it or not is up to you. Fiction or Real, it is all created. In a way we are all fictious characters trying to justifying the roles that we are given in this life. How ever my message to budding Authors is, start believing that you are one. There is a plethora of suggestions on things that you wish to do, but I believe in never taking them. Your perspective only you can understand, others can only observe you from their understanding. You become what you believe.

Reading gives a third perspective while experience helps build one’s own. As they say you have a story to tell only when you have travelled enough. The word travelling is not restricted to geographies but extends to the magnificence of life. I truly believe when your action and learning have depth, when you read people with no bias, when you accept situations as momentary phases and stop holding people responsible that is when you are ready to create a story on your own.

Instead of judging when you learn to see the larger picture. When you realise that each person in a situation is interconnected and interdependent, they help each other in playing their part that is the time when you are ready to build that story.

When you accept that people act in a certain way because they are meant to, and start believing that their action awaits a series of reaction, which then gives others an opportunity to play their role. That is the time when your story is on the right track.

That one action can change the entire game, no planning of your characters work, no situation can over power then. Why? Because by then you have achieved the power to mould your characters.

The time when you realise that Karma has to be the hero and each character needs a due reward is when you can manoeuvre, transform or end the story, because you have understood the truth of existence.

When an aspiring writer gets hold of this chain of truth no one can stop that Author in you. It has to come out to the world with a story that has a life.  My best wishes to all those who wish to write their stories. Today in this internet world, you don’t really have to wait for any opportunity. The only person you need to convince is self. Just write your story!

About Shweta Brijpuria: A poet at heart and marketer by profession, she is a hard core Bhopali. As eldest sibling in her family, she enjoys the role of 'didi' even outside home. She is known in the family for doing things she once feared. Having worked as a marketer with many brands, she believes the first step towards creating something is to believe in one's ability to create and then working towards it. People travel places; she travels brands, connects with them, nurtures them and grows with them. She is a published author and has written 2 books ‘Dark White’ and ‘Mr. Right a Journey Towards Him’.   

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