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Book Name : Cadence, Interrupted

Author Name : Sinchita Ganguly

Published By : Kindle Direct Publishing

A feel good romance that is unputdownable

I finished reading Sinchita Ganguly’s Cadence, Interrupted recently and I loved it. Who doesn’t like a feel good romance with a happy ending once in a while? This is Sinchita’s third novel and she has made it a habit of writing a romance novel with all the twists and turns and drama one expects yet it holds you till the end. I have read her two earlier novels Bring Me Through the Night and The Tainted Communion as well. Sinchita has a stable reader base and has almost 4-5 star genuine reader reviews for her books. Since all her books have been launched through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) her books are able to reach her readers worldwide within hours. Most of her readers are in Asia but she also has some readers in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia as well.  

Why does romance allure?

Before discussing the book I would like to dwell on this thought first. Picking up a romance novel like this you are sure to think why does romance allure, especially to women. As far as I am concerned I have been a Mills & Boon reader so romance novels have always attracted me and have picked them up during vacations and journeys. They are light, breezy and leave a happy after taste. So did this novel. If I analyse it further then romance novels give women readers something they need, and do it in a way that the real world around them cannot.

Take for example the male lead – he is generally a dashingly handsome chauvinist man, but as he comes in contact with the female lead he is captivated, he begins to change his ways, reforms to become a faithful husband and committed mate by the end of the story.  This journey - of his transformation takes the female reader along for the ride, falling in love, and untangling misunderstandings in 200 pages or so. Don’t we women want such a man? Why? Well because we are always seeking that elusive perfect partner.  

Happy to say that the female character in this story finds her perfect man.

The story and characters

Well there is Mrinmayi (Rini) and Swayam. Rini is a travel photographer and Swayam is a music arranger in Bollywood. Their paths cross at a resort in Dandeli, Karnataka. Though they fight they are drawn to each other. Everything seems perfect till Rini’s father arrives at the resort. There is misunderstanding between the two and they part ways. But Rini soon realises her fault and reaches out to Swayam. After many ups and down they realise they cannot live without each other and start living together. Soon they want to marry, an institution Rini was so against in the beginning but her love for Swayam changes her. But they have a history that they have to deal with. Well not they but Rini’s mother Arundhati and Swayam’s mother Vasudha and maternal uncle Sarvesh have a violent history which Rini and Swayam are unaware of. The story is about these characters and how they untangle their past to bring Rini and Swayam together.

What I liked

I loved the free-spirited character of Rini. She is every modern Indian girl. She rides a Harley-Davidson, she runs off from home to escape an arranged marriage, she goes out alone at night to shoot her pictures and goes to different parts of the country for her assignments alone. Rini is dead against patriarchy and is very independent in thought and deed. She is a big support for her mother and bhabhi when they stand up against their respective husbands.

I also liked how the story moved back and forth from Gwalior to New Delhi to Dandeli in Karnataka to finally Mumbai.

The author has used song lyrics in between the text which is great as it emphasis the fact that the story is about two good singers who have recorded albums also.

She has given importance to understanding and communication between couples to make a marriage work. It was good to read that Swayam gave importance to Rini’s dreams and supports her in all ways possible while Rini understands his fears and wants. This is just opposite of what Pushkar (Rini’s brother) and Tara (her bhabhi) have in their married life.    

Final take

If you love romance then this story will definitely appeal to you, the twists and turns will egg you on to finish the book soon. Do read it; it’s worth your time and effort.

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