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Book Name : Forget Me Not, Stranger

Author Name : Novoneel Chakraborty

Published By : Random House India

Having read ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ and ‘All Yours, Stranger’, Novoneel Chakraborty’s earlier books, I had to read ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’. Coming to the story it is a very typical Novoneel Chakraborty story, with surprises in every chapter. As you turn each page, you get a twist or a turn which is guaranteed to keep you engrossed until the very end. Again, I would call it the author’s signature style where he leads his readers to think about someone and then brings somebody very different in front of the readers, who they had not thought about. However, I guess this is something his readers look forward to. Well fans rejoice. This book is no different, be ready for the roller-coaster ride. In addition, a friendly advice do not read the last page first, start from the first page, do not kill the suspense!


Finally in the book you get to know who this stranger is why he was doing what he was doing to Rivanah. A little disappointed. Yes, not only for the ‘bollywoodish’ finish but also because the story seemed a little dragged as well. One good thing I noticed in the book was the growth of Rivanah as a character. As the author himself has admitted, the book is a social thriller with a not so happy conclusion. His earlier books had got the readers gripped and thinking and this book did the same but only until half-way, the ending might shake you with the happenings. I took a lot of time to digest the book as it was very unexpected. So what would I say about the book, well you have to read it to bring to conclusion the trilogy and the suspense built up, but as a standalone book not so gripping. However, I would still have it in my travel bag to ‘while away’ the travel time.

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