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Book Name : Ready! 99 Must-have Skills for the World-Conquering Teenager

Author Name : Roopa Pai

Published By : Hachette India Children's Books

Want to be part of an elite squad of remarkable young people who call themselves the

WocoTeens: World-Conquering Teenagers?

All you need to do is crack the 99 fundamental - and fun - life skills outlined in this book, and

win all the 24 Merit Badges and 4 Shields inside. The best part? You compete only with


By the time you're through, you will own skills as diverse as growing your own veggies in a

Square Foot Garden to petitioning for change in your community, making a cup of chai to setting

up a sickroom, launching your own business to telling time by the position of the moon!

Written by bestselling author Roopa Pai in her unmatchable style, this book packs in 99 simple

but vital techniques that will enable you to be a hero to yourself - and a role model to your peers.

Are. You. READY!?

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