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Flashback to the 90s, remember it was a time when Indi-pop music was at the peak of its popularity, a period when kitsch ruled, one that all 90s kids undeniably cherish in their hearts today. All those who grew up then will agree – it was a magical time. Experimental music was taking lead, newer singers were entering the limelight and changing even Bollywood music and opening us up to new sounds. Who can forget Alisha Chinai, Raageshwari Loomba, Shweta Shetty, Suneeta Rao, Sharon Prabhakar, Vasundhara Das among many others. But one of the voices that caught the attention of the younger generation was that of Anaida! Remember Oova ova and Hoo Halla Hoo? Well, today Bookaholicanonymous is proud to present to you an interview with Anaida Parvaneh. She is now a renowned inspirational speaker and healer. She has recently released her book on sacred geometrical designs that soothe and relax the mind called Tattva: An Aspect of Reality.

If you are stressed during the pandemic lockdown and are looking for ways to spend your time creatively, then this is one art book you can pick up. Go ahead give it a try!

About Anaida Parvaneh: She is known for her famed rise in the Indian pop music scene of the nineties. She is an award-winning celebrity chef, artist, inspirational speaker, and healer. Her 'Power of You' workshops employ music, food, and art to help people connect to their inner selves.

The interview:

People remember you as a pop artist, and spirituality is never connected with pop music. How did you turn so spiritual?

I have been making meditation music since 1996. And talking about all this since then but it wasn’t considered cool then. Nor was anyone really interested in releasing those tracks but I continued to make them for friends and family and saw amazing results for myself and for them. Then in 2017 I reproduced four of the tracks and put them online at a very low cost to help benefit people and took off for a yoga retreat to become a yoga instructor. By the time I got back from the retreat different tracks from those meditation albums were on top of iTunes charts in several countries, on their own, without even a mention on my own social media handles. And one of the tracks went on to be No. 16 on UK iTunes charts. That was a sign for me, that people are more open to this energy now. It is awesome.

“Spiritually not being connected to pop music” is exactly what I thought people will think. But why not? Everything is connected. To me spirituality means becoming aware of your own spirit. And being in a good vibe consistently is one sure way to achieve that. Now if a fun song puts you in a good mood, then it’s very much spiritual. That’s how I look at things.

What are the other energy works that you do?

I have learned many modalities. From being a yoga instructor, to Pranic healing, to Rekhi, to art therapy, to many many more. Am always learning. What I do is a combination of things. I feel energies and I have gotten better and better at translating them. The easiest way to explain what I do is I help people connect to their own power. Once they do, they have all the answers themselves.

You say in your introduction to the book Tattva: An Aspect of Reality that you were left with paper and colour pencils during the pandemic and so you started drawing and sketching. How did you know what to draw?

I have been painting and drawing since I was three year old. I also use art in some of my “Power of you” workshops and I find extremely noticeable healing and relaxation in people with it. At the time I started this I was very ill. My heartbeat was out of control due an illness and I was told I need an operation to remove my thyroid. Which I decided not to do. Drawing was one way to calm myself as well. The book just came through. Things I was looking at would stand out. Even if I was looking at social media and news some images would stand out. Ideas were flowing. I was in the zone to speak. And it was a very fun as well as relaxing experience for me as well. And I hope those who are drawn to it, gain the full benefit of it.

Did you know about spiritual art like Mandala and Thangka art? Have you studied them? Drawing Mandala is soothing I believe and there are various rituals before beginning to draw and colour the Thangka.

I have been studying sacred geometry for years. I didn’t know or want to know what was in the market in terms of colouring books because I didn’t want the vibe to get influenced in anyway. Which is perhaps why the result is so unique. Through my long and successful journey into various facets of artistic expressions, be it music, paintings, writing or food. I have realised the ones you allow to flow uninterrupted and unaffected by outside are the ones that are the best. Best art comes through me when I simply stay a hollow vessel. It can happen to everyone. You only need to stay still enough to allow it.

How do colours heal?

It serves us to pay attention to how everything around us affects us. Our environment has much to do with what we become. Even at cell level, the environment decides if the cell grows to be say a skin tissue cell or a bone cell. Think about that!

So, everything around us has effects on our vibe to a certain extend. Colours and shapes are no different. There is something called “entrainment” worth spending time to study. That will explain more once you get into it. But to make it short there is enough scientific study to show you effects of colours on your mood, body and psyche. Say for example they coloured the cells of violent inmates with pink and noticed a reasonable reduction in violent behaviour from them. For colours green and blue helping reduce inflammation in your body. I urge your readers to research on their own. It is very interesting.

The geometric drawings in the book heal you say, how do they do that?

The shapes you focus on for extended time also affect your mind. Think about this, you walk into a room with round soft edges, you immediately feel cosy. Dim lights, you get relaxed or you feel slower or wanting to be slower. Different people react differently but there are some effects which are pretty common and universal. In opposition walk into a room with sharp edges, you feel alert, focused, maybe even agitated. My point is everything around you has effect on you so why not choose as many to be desirable and feel good for you.

Sacred geometry is ancient wisdom. Contrary to some beliefs our ancients were not all backward or knew less than us. In many ways they knew more and much important knowledge, available easily, has been ignored by humans. Now science is catching up with a lot of it. Most of the sacred geometry used in this book is based on very basic designs of the universe. Say a flower of life is a geometrical shape at the bases of everything in the universe. You resonate with that design on a very very deep cellular level. As I said I encourage people to do some research of their own in the areas that interests them. We are such a lucky generation to have information available to us at our fingertips.

How did these colours and drawings help you?

Oh wow. It did a lot for me, physically and mentally. I can only tell you but words teach way less than personal experience does. So I urge you to take of 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, dedicated to you. it’s really best if you allotted 40 minutes but 20 minutes is good enough to create noticeable feeling. Make an intent of what you like out of the experience. There are short inspiring notes about colour associations in the book. So choose the feeling you want to amplify and feel. And then choose a design that attracts you at that point and start. And then, you tell me :-)

You also hold workshops called 'Power of You', would you like to tell us about those. What do you aim to do in them?

I use different modalities which I have myself succeeded in. Say music, art, food and combine them with spirituality and hold space for people to use them as tools and connect with themselves. Some workshops are specific say only about improving ones relationships which are mainly mind exercises or meditations and things like that. Each workshop is different as I scan the energy and go with what is dominant for the group and what benefits most that day.

What are the other art forms you are inspired by?

Nature. Every bit of it will inspire. Also emotions. Seeing courage in people inspires a lot of art in me. Love. Tenderness, brightly used intelligence. There is much to inspire.

What kind of books do you read? Would you like to recommend some books or authors to our readers?

As a child the only thing I ever asked for was books. My dad is an avid reader. He is ALWAYS with a book I have never seen him without it. That’s what he does with most his free time and I as a child I read whatever he read. Whether I understood it or not and his choice was very classic. So I read most of the classics as a child. Funnily encyclopaedias were my favourite. Sci-fi was too, especially Jules Verne. I loved the work of the Turkish writer - Aziz Nesin. I mostly go for the book itself and not so much for the author but some are so good consistently that I go look for their other work and these two were two of my favourite. I like reading true stories, I love science books and I love quantum physics and chemistry as a base for books a lot. Right now am reading Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle a second time. I could recommend many books but one I think is very relevant for our time right now is Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, considering the crazy virus fear it’s a very relevant book to read. Also Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton is a must read at this time.

Bookaholicanonymous can’t thank Anaida enough for taking out time for us. More energy and light to you keep healing the world!

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